Birthday Party Small Style

My son.

You avoid the camera.

You have a knack for sticking out your tongue.

You collect rocks.
In your pockets.

You are a budding fashionista.

You have new opinions.
Especially about clothes.

You humor me with button downs and bow ties.

You are excited about belly buttons.
And your baby brother.

I cannot wait until we all meet him.
Neither can you.

Clearly we like stripes.

I am linking up to Small Style.

Behr is wearing:
Janie and Jack Chambray Button Down // Gap Sweater (on clearance last year) //
Janie and Jack Jeans // Stride Rite Xavier Sneakers // Bow Tie c/o NBrynn Design

p.s. my necklace is from Lady Lee and Drew Jones's etsy shop!

Disclaimer: compensated affiliate links may be used in this post.


  1. so freakin cute. i love his little bow tie. he's turning into such a little man!!

  2. adorable outfits on both of you and super cute pics. wish wish wish drew wouldn't scream bloody murder when a tie goes around his neck.
    tell me, where are your divine shoes from?

    1. My shoes are ancient j.crew - like 2007/8ish. They are falling apart, but I don't like their new ballet flats as much...

  3. he is so freakin adorable. i love his outfit!

  4. What a handsome little dude!! He wears the bow tie well! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. are you freaking kidding me with Behr's bow tie?!?! dying... love it so much.

  6. GAH BEHR! He's so handsome. He just slays me with his adorable faces. I could just eat him and his bowtie up.

  7. He is so stinkin cute and his wardrobe...well I just die it's so cute!!! You are looking great too with that cute baby bump!



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