Baby Registry Essentials

During my first pregnancy I was completely lost as to what to include on my registry. Some fabulous friends came along side me with recommendations that have been game changers in our household. Since then, I have been shocked to see how many other women find themselves in this position, stumped as to what they need vs. don't need. And while every situation and family has different space and budget constraints, I have found 5 items that everyone needs, but very few people actually add to their registry.

multi-purpose cloth diapers - the old school gerber kind work great. Between spit, spit-up, drool, and leaks (of all kinds) these are great to have on hand and stashed in discrete corners of your home, car and office. Now that Behr is nearly two, I have just stopped needing these as frequently.

waterproof crib pads - I like the carters crib pads because they don't wrap all the way around the mattress. Note: I also use a mattress protector designed for the correct dimensions of my crib mattress. Next I layer carter's pad, crib sheet, cater's pad, crib sheet, until I run out of crib sheets. This has saved me countless times when Behr has been sick and sweaty at night, or his diapers has leaked. I simple strip the top layer and the mattress is ready to go again. No need to fumble around for clean sheets (or find a place to store them!).

belly lotion - find what you love, and feel free to ask people to indulge you. your final months of pregnancy and the few after you give birth are especially important to hydrate your skin. my pick is tummy rub from mama mio.

nursing pads - you will need these. whether you go the disposable route (lansinoh work best) or reusable organic cotton, add them to your registry.

diapers - this might seem like a no-brainer, but until I started receiving lots of boxes of random diaper brands, I never thought to tell people what I was actually hoping to have Behr wear. Thanks to generous family, friends, and co-workers and a brief stint with cloth, we didn't end up buying any disposable diapers until Behr was over nine months old, a huge money saver!

So there you have my list. 
The items I love so much, they are back on the list for baby #2!
Mommas, what have you found to be the most essential baby registry items?
Do you agree with the items I listed? Have any additions to make?

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  1. No one actually looked at my baby registry. Probably because they didn't know my last name (wedding registries get to use your maiden name! Not so with babies) One thing I wish I had more of was newborn clothes, but that's just me because my baby was so small for so long. Other babies never even fit newborn! I'm racking my brain, but everything I think of, you've got covered! Great list!!

  2. good post idea.
    The crib sheet idea is genius! I used a waterproof pad that doesn't wrap around either, it fit Sam's crib, toddler bed (someone gave it to us) and will fit a twin bed (tried to think ahead - that was thanks to my mom).
    Registering was so overwhelming, there were only a few things that I KNEW I wanted, the rest I waited to see what worked for us. A lot of people got us amazon gift cards - that was amazing, esp w/Amazon mom free shipping the first year.

  3. Buying those crib pads ASAP for Craig's sister who just had a baby. AWESOME idea girl!

  4. Great little list! I'll have to remember this for the future ;)
    xo TJ

  5. I was obsessed with those disposable changing pads. I kept them on the changing table and each time we had an "explosion", it kept the real changing pad clean so I didn't have to keep washing it! Congrats on baby #2:)

    1. yes! on the changing table for sure! I also put them under my torso area on our bed for the wee hour breast feeding drips. Saving my mattress was high on my priority list.

  6. Okay...genius! Totally doing the crib sheet idea!! Just pure genius.

  7. disposable nursing pads all the way. in fact, i think you gave me my first box of lansinoh! the best!

    1. I loved the reusable nursing pads for when I was around the house...but only trusted the ultra absorbing lansinoh whenever I went anywhere. In fact, I have already started stocking up for baby #2!

  8. Nursing pads are such a necessity! I've found I have to use disposable the first three months (I swear by Johnson's), and then I switch to the washable ones.

    The crib tip is genius! It would be great for a sick (vomity) kid too. Bleck.

    I would add snap footie pajamas. Why people dress their newborns in anything else I will never know.



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