Cloth Diapering: g-style

behr sporting some g-style

we use gdiapers with disposable inserts 
{because we don't have our own washer and dryer}

why g diapers?
a. we love the company
b. less bulk for small size than diapers that grow
c. convenience of disposable liner for reason stated above
d. it never occurred to us to try a different brand

behr loves it and gets diaper rash less/his diaper rash clears up when in cloth
{seriously.  it is a huge added bonus.}

we have a divided household
momma puts behr in cloth/disposable and dad uses disposable

why divided?
a. we were given loads of diapers from generous friends and family
b. we considered, but didn't commit to cloth before behr was born
c. we are easing into cloth diapers
d. when it comes time for day care, we will have to use disposables

they are easy and we haven't had "sterotypical" problems
no leakage
no smell (problem) 
of course they smell, it is just not an issue
no massive increase in laundry

resources we appreciate:
and more...I am sure there are more.  
as I remember what they are I will add them here.

we are open for questions and/or advice.  
please leave us some comment love. 


  1. i didnt know there were cloth/disposables!!! now im more interested...

  2. is a great site, it is a forum for cloth diapers and you can also buy or sell on there, I purchased almost all of mine from there and it was nice to try things out without having to pay full price for new ones. Then we could sell the ones that didn't work for us or that they out grew. :). Good luck



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