Autumn Warmth

This past weekend, we were blessed with a beautifully warm Sunday and Monday. My family got outside to soak up some sun before the winter chill settled in for good. We walked around our neighborhood, heading to eastern market for a few errands, and ultimately stopping for a gelato date at pintango (you might have seen our family photo). Fortunately  we brought the camera, and I began snapping away. Everything around us was a brilliant golden orange. Not only did the sun beat down on us, but the colors exuded a warmth of fall that will soon be gone. I lingered, soaking it all in, deeply. Behr had an absolutely blast. We bonded as a family with little on our agenda. It was perfect.

I am linking up to Small Style.

Behr is wearing all Janie and Jack items.
Generous gifts from family. Thank you!
p.s. you can see more of his outfit here.


  1. i know i dont have kids but i LOVE janie an jack. their stuff is so cute. and yes, i go in there sometimes.

    did you know that there is a janie and jack outlet in rehobeth? i have never been in it but if you are ever around there, check it out.

  2. Such adorable scenes. Behr is just so stylish and photogenic. Cutie.

  3. What a beautiful autumn day. Beautiful photos and adorable little man! :)

  4. We've had very similar weather here in T.O.
    Such lovely photos this week! You're absolutely glowing my friend!

  5. behr's like, 'can i have both pitangos?'

  6. It looks absolutely beautiful, I love (and miss) those autumn colours!

  7. Looks so fun! Little B has such an adorably preppy baby style!
    Also: mmmmmmm gelato.

  8. Fall never seems to last quite as long as you would like. Glad you were able to enjoy the changing of the leaves while you can. Any afternoon that ends with gelato is a success in my book!



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