Winter Baby Essentials

A few weeks ago, when DC first started to dip into chillier temps, I received an email from a dear friend. As a Floridian transplant, she was completely stumped in how to keep her four month old son cozy for winter. As any good blogger, I immediately thought "post potential." So here you have the top items I have found, used, and loved to keep my baby cozy in the cooler months.

1. Cashmere Slippers from Little Friends Co. on etsy $26
2. Hannah Andersson Pilot Cap $24 - I used this hat under bunting and Behr's bike helmet.
3. Stokke Footmuff $120 - While I haven't tried this item, it is on my wishlist to keep my kids warm on the back of my bike.
4. 7 A.M. Enfant Mittens $18
5. Zutano Cozie Elf Onesie $43
6. Fleece booties from Zutano $20 - Behr had these last year and again this year.
7. Mouse Size Mittens (attached with string) from Hannah Andersson  $16 - the string is key!
8. JJ Cole Bundleme for the Carseat $40
9. Shearling Baby Hat $10 - another favorite Behr's first winter

What items am I missing? What are your favorite items to keep baby cozy?

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