Football Fridays: Week Seven

Welcome back to Football Fridays! Every other week, join us for game insights, spectator commentary, and recipes to make the fall season more than just "man time."

the game:

Byes This Week: Atlanta, Miami, Philadelphia, Denver, Kansas City, and Sand Diego  all have "off" this week.

Sunday: New York Football Giants vs. Washington Redskins - Like all NFC East teams, these two have a history and a vicious rivalry. The Giants are the reigning Superbowl Champs, but they lost both of their games against the Redskins last year.

Sunday: Arizona Cardinals vs. Minnesota Vikings - At face value, the Vikings are the more dominant team, with Adrian Peterson back in action this season and a host of young players tearing up their running and receiving game, but the Cardinals need this game to regain the momentum they have lost the past few weeks.

Sunday Night: Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cincinnati Bengals - The Bengals have a habit of unexpected upsets, but the Steelers rarely arrive at a game unprepared. You can count on Pittsburgh to grab the win.

Monday Night: Detroit Lions vs. Chicago Bears - If the Bears can pull out another win, they will show they are a force to be considered with and deserve their spot at the top of the NCF North.

the talking point:

Thanksgiving is just a few short football weeks away. Impress your guy by asking how you can accommodate him watching the game on Turkey Day (perfect commercial break conversation). These teams will be playing:

Houston Texans at Detroit Lions
Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys
New England Patriots at New York Jets

Note: these are some of the best Thanksgiving football match-ups in recent years. You can bet eyes will be glued to the television!

the food:

My boys are going camping this weekend, returning just in time for football. I am planning to make a big hearty pot of Liz's Superbowl Soup. I will update the post once I have a photo to share!

the extra:

In case you missed the chance to buy an NFL stadium print I posted a few weeks ago, they are back on this weekend! They are also selling some really cool graphics prints of each year's playoff "Championship Rings" by Hyperakt.  If only my beloved Eagles had ever actually won a championship...

Enjoy your weekend and happy football watching!

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