Amelia Island Revealed

Our September vacation photos are finally posted, in the blog world's most massive photo dump. Sorry about that. In full disclosure, I was afraid of sharing these pictures and letting our pregnancy news slip out. Now that they are posted, I am noticing I don't look pregnant in a single photo. Classic.

I am still reliving our beach week...and wishing for tropical sands and bright warm sunshine. If only I could keep summer in my back pocket for all those days when I could desperately use it. How about you? Are you a summer/beach person too?


  1. love the photo dump! you have some great shots! (mark & behr on the beach w the water all shiny, behr carrying his beach toys, you & behr in the rain, expressive behr!) love :) glad you had a fabulous vacay.

    1. Thanks Sara! I am learning a bit more about how to capture my family in photography with each new vacation.

  2. Eeee this is the most beautiful photo dump ever. I love catching these snippets of your life, and seeing Behr get so big. Gah! You guyssssss.



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