Tomato Saga

We had ourselves a bit of a tomato saga this summer. If you follow on instagram, you are likely all too familiar!

It went something like this:

Shannon buys two tomato plants requiring full sun for her mostly shaded balcony.

Mark shakes his head and obliges to plant them anyway.

Shannon tells CSA family she is going to make her tomato plants bear red fruit.

CSA family also shake their head.

Tomatoes grow...and develop bottom rot.

Shannon learns all about lime, but never adds any to her soil.

New batch of tomatoes grow, also with bottom rot.

Shannon sees renewed hope.

New batch of tomatoes grow and begin to turn red. No bottom rot!

September rolls around.

Shannon has harvested four beautiful tomatoes from two plants.


Shannon adds them to soup.

If you enjoy city living, then you will understand that the greatest accomplishment was keeping squirrels, birds, and even raccoons away from the ripening tomatoes. And if you have followed my blog from back when it first started, you will remember how many times I have fought this battle. Who would have ever thought that four tiny tomatoes would having me doing a victory dance?


  1. i'm a bit jealous that you can grow tomatoes in the city... we don't even have a balcony :( that and i can't quite keep house plants alive. oh well!

  2. Congratulations! Having a green thumb in the city is nearly impossible.



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