Nine to Five: with me!

First, let me start by tipping my hat to all of our previous "nine to fivers," and all fashion bloggers for that matter! Taking outfit shots is not easy. I have officially decided I am glad I am not a full-time fashion blogger. 

Second, this week starts the link-up! Alex and I are so excited to help you all connect better and find inspiration from one another for the work week. 

Alrighty, here it goes...

Describe your work environment from a style perspective:
I work in a very suit oriented office, but that doesn't mean there are good suits. There is very little "style" at my work, which sometimes lets me slip into being lazy. But I have a few great co-workers who like to raise the bar. I always find it encouraging to break out of the black, grey, black, grey rut of the business suit. My work product definitely improves when I am in a more creative version of the traditional suit - it gives me energy.

What are your nine to five staples?
I wear a good deal of navy and grey, dresses, and try to bring in bright jewel tones. I tend to buy suit separates at J.Crew, but have found that Banana Republic's suiting quality is some times better. Before becoming a mom, I almost exclusively wore dresses - my favorites are BCBGMAXAZRIA from Nordstrom and sometimes even T.J. Maxx! Now, depending on what Behr and I have going on after work, I sometimes where pieces that are easier to wash or change in and out of. 

Does blogging make you a better employee at your day job?
My day job involves a bit of IT, so the cross over knowledge of html from work and blogging has increased my productivity at both - however that is where the relationship ends.  I wish I weren't working and that I could be a full-time mom blogger. Yet, I know my job is important, and so I try to dedicate myself exclusively to one or the other keeping it strictly work during 9 to 5. 

Do you view blogging as a means of recording life, or as the start of an alternative career? 
This changes for me almost daily. While I would love it my blog could support my family to bring me home from the office, juggling blogging and motherhood seems like it could be an even steeper challenge some days. I am going to just keep moving forward and we will see where things lead! p.s. If any of you have made the jump into full time blogging, I would love to hear from you!

Is blogging your main outlet, or do you also write novels, run marathons, and knit all of your own sweaters? 
I also create invitations and personalized stationery, including hand stamped paper items and calligraphy. In fact, it is my other hobby that got me into blogging. I very openly wish I had taken graphic design in college or gone to art school - or at least that I could go back and be a student all over again. I went to college with some really talented artists like Daniel and Ashley and it would have been awesome to have them as classmates.

How do you find time to do it all? 
I don't. Man, I fail regularly. I also don't sleep much.

When do you blog? 
At night when Behr is asleep and my husband is working. But I constantly am jotting down ideas or emailing fellow bloggers to brainstorm.

What are the items you are just dying to add to your work wardrobe?
I really want a pair of dark, timeless trouser jeans - they would never see the light of day in my office, so this answer is kind of a cheat - but the perfect trouser jeans would just make everything better. This dress also caught my eye, and it is on sale. Maybe I will have to get it and save it for Spring! Finally, can someone come to my house and give me a personal one-on-one guide to arm candy? I simply cannot figure it out!

Check out the rest of my outfit photos and the details on Alex's blog!

If you want to link up to Nine to Five, be sure to include your outfit details, and our hashtag:


  1. I loved this! you look fabulous, too. also my 9 to 5 pictures are sitting on my desktop. I should probably email you them with my answers. love this series.

  2. I've told you once, I'll tell you twice: Girl. Ya look good. Love this outfit :) And you do not fail. You're amazing! Oh, and all hail BR's suiting collection.

  3. I liked this! you look fabulous with that outfit. :)



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