Fletcher's Cove


We kicked off Labor Day weekend by visiting Fletcher's Cove - a DC secret that has been on our weekend outting list for over two years! We rented a sturdy rowboat, the safest option for Behr, and set course for the Chain Bridge about a mile upstream. Our friend Christie joined us and we packed a picnic to bring aboard. Let me tell you, we had a blast! Behr even had fun dispite his grimace in the picture. We waved and said hello to passing by boaters, we quacked like ducks when we spotted sun bathing mallards, and even made it to the bridge. And all the while, our trusty Captain rowed away. Mark definitely did the heavy lifting on this excursion! It was a wonderful start to the long weekend. How did you spend your Labor Day?


  1. Awesome! Thanks for all the fun adventures! We went to Yards Park a few times and LOVE it! Will have to check out this place :)

  2. Fun! Never heard of it. Hidden treasure.

  3. Oh that little Behr face! And I'll definitely have to check this place out on my next extended visit to DC :)

  4. This looks like the perfect spot to flee the hustle and bustle. I hope Behr enjoyed his time on the water.



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