Family Beach Vacation

The beach. If I could spend every day in sunshine with sand on my feet, reading a book and digging sand castles, a happy girl I'd be. There is nothing quite like cooler lunches and ocean side snacks in the middle of summer. I want to go back. I never want to leave. Here is our five days via instagram:


the cape may-lewes ferry // stewart's root beer // ketchup with fries and ketchup // behr has the greatest aunts and uncles // beach comber // crabby // sleeping in aunties arms // games // digging // beach bum // dairy queen // more ketchup // shrivers fudge and taffy - home of the biggest toddler breakdown in history // boardwalk cool // saying goodbye to the beach, for now at least


  1. Oh Behr! Love this look at your vacation! I'm glad you all had such a fun time :)

  2. so cute! what beach did you guys go to? i have always wanted to ride that ferry - may take a day trip at some point.



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