Nine to Five : A Collaboration

Getting ready for work can be hard. Like...really hard. Right? You want to make sure you look professional or creative or at least put together. You want to express yourself, but make sure you’re still being taken seriously in that big meeting. There are so many ideas and new styles that you want to try. Some days you get adventurous, other days you are hoping you are wrinkled free and sorta match. Now that it is summer time, I find it especially hard.  I'd rather be sporting shorts and a tank or the perfect little sun dress.

Getting ready for work seems exhausting.


And my dear friend Alex from the saga of a twenty-something agreed. So we came up with an idea. Some may call it a stroke of genius. And by “some,” we mean “we.” We look to bloggers as inspiration for fashion every day, right? So why not look to bloggers to get inspiration for your work attire? And so the idea of “Nine to Five” was born.

Stay with us.

We’ve asked some of the best bloggers out there to share their personal work styles with all of us. We’ve also asked them a list of really weird questions (just kidding, not weird at all!) to help you get to know them a little better. These bloggers run the gamut of dress codes from casual to business casual to straight up business. And they are all flat-out fabulous. We hope they become an inspiration for your work week, every week.

So every Monday, come visit our blogs (The Scribble Pad and the saga of a twenty-something) to make some new friends, see what they’re wearing to work and maybe perk up your Monday mornings. Because really, Mondays are just the most miserable. We’re making them better and more fashionable.

So do you love the idea? Hate the idea? Comments? Questions? General concerns? Anything? Bueller?

We hope you love it, because we love it. And we can’t wait to start this out next Monday!


  1. Love it! Brilliance, all around :)

  2. ooh!!! so excited :) i need a little inspiration in my work wear... i work from home 70% of the time, but the 30% i'm in the office, i get stuck in a rut wearing the same things... and i love the idea of casual, business casual and business :) hooray!

  3. oooh! i'm so excited! just in time for me to start work! i'm going to need some help!

  4. Great idea! I can't wait for the ideas to start. Happy Monday!

  5. Coming from the girl who is wearing the same black pencil skirt two days in a row, I LOVE it. Brilliant...and now I will be excited for Mondays!



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