Lately, Bubbles and Bellies

It has been hot in DC. I'm not sure if you noticed, but Summer arrived in full force. There is a lot of bare baby belly seen around our house lately. Even more so when water or bubles are involved. If the past few weeks tell us anything, it is that summer with a toddler is going to be more fun than we ever imagined! It also indicates that Behr knows what the camera is and how to avoid it. Excuse me while I go try to get my kid to once again smile on demand...


  1. Too cute Shannon! It must be so fun to see thrings through his eyes...also I love how much you use your outdoor space- good stuff.

  2. His little blond combover is killing me. He's so stinking handsome :)

  3. These pics are so great Shannon! He's so yummy.



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