Saturday Shoes: Sandal Season

About this time last year, RueLaLa was featuring a fine selection of Jack Rogers. I was almost enticed to give up my shoe fast. But I stuck to my promise and did not slip. And then, RueLaLa did me right. They recently had another sale. And today, I am the proud owner of a pair of Navajo Brown Society Jack Rogers. Bring on Summer!

p.s. To those of you who are worried about my budget and my closet space, no need to worry. I am not going to purchase every pair of shoes featured during 2011. The point of the shoes fast was not to defer my spending, but rather to deter. The shoe collection was assessed. Some pairs were tossed, while others were consigned. I am purchasing new shoes, sparingly.


  1. Jack Rogers sandals are seriously my favorite. They can be casual and dressy, therefore amazing. I may or may not have three pairs...

  2. love sandal season, can't believe it's here already!



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