Pantone, Let's Tango



This week, the Friday's Fancies brought up a few of my blogger faux paus. First, I have never been on the pantone website before as evidenced by the fact that a. I thought it was spelled "panatone" and b. I thought it was just another ho-hum paint company with color chips that just happened to become famous. Clearly I though wrong. The site's collaboration with the fashion industry amazed and impressed me. I found myself pouring over all of the design sketches and color picks for the Spring and Fall 2012 fashion trends. And all of this from a company based out of New Jersey!

Tangerine Tango is a color outside of my comfort zone, but still a shade I gravitate towards. I expecially like that it pairs well with my favorites, navy blue, aqua, and crisp white! These pieces above would be perfect for any vacation along with a pair of white denim skinnies. Send me on my way.

  1. Orange cross-over purse from Rebecca Minkoff that I am still lusting over.
  2. The perfect floppy hat from Forever 21 
  3. Slides from Missoni available at anthropologie or shopbop.
  4. Fancy earings to dazzel any outfit.
  5. A cover for my iPhone, to express my newfound appreciation for Pantone, one "a."
  6. Orange blouse from h&m
  7. The perfect cream sleeveless blouse to keep things cool
  8. This shirt would go from my work wardrobe to my weekend wardrobe seemlessly, double bonus!
  9. The perfect skirt for Easter Sunday, and every Sunday brunch after that.
  10. From dress to beach cover up, this would be a great multi-tasker.
  11. Earrings to keep it casual and fun
  12. And I am hopig this throw could double as a sarong or shawl to round out any packing list!

joining {av} to dance the week away!

...and because I couldn't resist!
Some pajamas to fit the theme.


  1. I love everything you picked out! My favorites are those earrings & the crossbody bag. Too cute!

  2. Love that color! Totally making me excited for sunshine and warm weather!

  3. What an adorable hat! And I love the dress/beach coverup you chose! Super cute! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. Dude, these are awesome! I love everything you picked out, but I think those earrings are my favorite. :) Or the iPhone case, mostly because there's a design nerd somewhere within me that just loves those pantone iPhone cases.

  5. Love the pj's!!
    And those earrings from etsy. Beautiful~
    Happy Weekend. xo

  6. I love all of your picks!! Those pj's need to come home with me! ;)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  7. I am sitting at my computer in a black skirt, grey t-shirt and a black and white stripped cardigan so this post was sort of a shock to my a good way. I think #10 and #6 are going to make an appearance in my closet.

  8. LOL not gonna lie, I've never been on their site either shh!! ;)

    Seriously though, you've nailed their color of the year. These items are awesome!

  9. Such great tangerine selections! I am crushing on the earrings that you features...and would actually love to own those pajamas! I hope you had a great week and have a good weekend.
    Twirling Clare

  10. i love love love those earrings. of course they're anthro.



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