It's all a blur...

These days things seem to be a blur. I am not sure if it is the teething, us coming out of winter hibernation, or allergies picking up. But the haze has descended on my brain. With Spring around the corner, I am excited for fresh air, outdoor time, and most of all reuniting with my bike! One of Behr's friends from daycare gave him this shirt, from etsy, for his first birthday. It was the perfect gift, seeing as our preferred mode of transportation is by bike! But until we are able to break out of the haze, it will all be a blur...just like these pictures. note: the picture that is the least blurry is the one with Behr screaming!

I am linking up to Small Style on Mama Love Papa.


  1. Love that BIKE shirt! So adorable.

  2. that shirt is adorable!!!! it's so hard to get a good pic of these babies once they go mobile, isn't it???

  3. baha... blur is right! I'm totally hearing you on the 'being in a fog' and eager for spring cabin-fever... we got a teaser beauty day yesterday and it was rejuvenating to get outside...then today - hail. bah!
    Just think how sweet that bike will feel soon!
    Mel ;o)

  4. Totally blur! I hope the fog lifts soon for you all! We broke out our bikes for the first time last weekend. It was so liberating! I am ready for Spring, and now!



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