We Are Heading West

Do you remember way back when we won two free plane tickets?

Well, we have picked a location, San Francisco! We have been to the bay area before, but this time, there won't be any work conferences. We plan to visit good friends, and hit up the sights. If you have suggestions and recommendations for restaurants, vineyards, hikes, or more, please, please share. While we have just begun the planning, my bags are practically packed already! Here is what I am planning to bring or hoping to buy for this trip:

my packing will be basic black with warm berry brights

Already have: camel swag cardigan // my three favorite necklaces, including the newest one // raspberry thermal // polkadot dress // j.crew white scallop lace shell (and the black one!) // gingham check shirt (similar to this one) // baseball tee // maritime stipe shirt (similar to this one) // black prairie boots // red toms // + my packing list

Hope to get: new black flats // rebecca minkoff mini 5 zip clutch in orange // backpack inspired by bridget // emerson made dress

Still hunting for: the perfect skirt and one or two funky scarves

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  1. this is so exciting!!! go to domaine chandon (champagne vineyard) for lunch. you'll have such a blast in SF.

  2. oooooh my favorite city! i love going to the market down on the pier on saturday mornings. so fun to walk around inside and out there. i just looked up my favorite restaurant - a jazz place - but it's closed. sad! molinari's in north beach is a fantastic place to grab a bunch of supplies for a quick picnic lunch. it's pretty famous, though, so it's typically busy. i LOvE walking through golden gate park - so many random things to see...like buffalo...yes, buffalo. my favorite section is called the fillmore - lots of cute shops/restaurants. there's a good gelato place down there, too! oh what a magical place! and ice cream sundae's from ghiradelli are THE BEST.

  3. hey you have the fjällräven backpack! awesome!

  4. So jealous! I love San Francisco. And from what I recall, (it's been a while) you've packed to perfection. Flats for lots of walking and layers for when it gets cool.
    Have a blast! xo

  5. I have been there once but it was so long ago, I would love to go back. You have put together so many fun pieces! I think my fav are those Tom's.

    Have a fab weekened girl :)


  6. Oooo, that orange bag will be perfect for your trip!!!

  7. gahhh!!!! I'm sooo jeally! Dennis and I are thinking of planning a trip there soon, so let me know what you think!!!

  8. Oooh perfect inspiration for a trip to San Fran! Such a neat city! I especially love the Haight Asbury area there! :)

  9. Peeing my panties with excitement over here!! Baby party at Giggle and/or Blue Bottle and/or anywhere, really!!

  10. Although I grew up (and live) within 2 hours of SF, I never went much growing up, so I'm trying to make up for it now. That being said, I'm no expert. But here's what I love:

    Ride the cable cars. It's touristy, but it's cool touristy.

    Go to the Mission and eat at Tartine (breakfast) and Pizza Delfina for lunch. Get ice cream at Bi-Rite and take Behr to Dolores Park to play. If you're sandwich people go to Ike's. If you're looking for a nice restaurant in that area, we liked Foreign Cinema (ask to sit outside).

    Go to Fisherman's Wharf for clam chowder in a bread bowl (from a street vendor), see the sea lions, then get out of there.

    Go the Ferry Building for a lunch picnic. Get a little something from everywhere (BLUE BOTTLE). Check out the food trucks near financial district (we like Curry Up Now).

    Alcatraz. I feel like people always bash it, but I love it. It's fascinating(if you like history). Buy tickets online in advance.

  11. Oh my! How fun! My sister lives in SF so I go out there a few times a year. The city is the city...the typical touristy stuff is fun...but I love the wine tasting up north. If I had to choose one winery it would be Jacuzzi (as in the hot tub, because the family wasn't cool enough they also have ah-mazing wine). It's on your way to Sonoma and has an olive oil tasting room as well. Tastings are free too. Best wine is the Barbera.

  12. We took both babies down in August to see my mom so these places have been baby approved;-) Herbivore has good breakfast http://herbivorerestaurant.com/valencia.html
    Paxton Gate's Curiosities for Kids is down the street http://www.paxtongate.com/contact-us-kids.aspx
    There is a carousel in Golden Gate Park http://sfrecpark.org/Carrousel.aspx
    You could actually spend an entire weekend at the park http://sfrecpark.org/ggp.aspx
    This website is helpful also http://www.deliciousbaby.com/travel/usa/ca/san-francisco/

  13. Hi Shannon,
    I'm a CA native and spent many summers in SF with relatives. I live near Sacramento and we still love to go to 'the City" for museums, shows, shopping, etc.
    Yes to a cable car ride, a drive down Lombard Street (or a walk if you're part mountain goat), dinner at Tadich Grill (the Petrale sole is a fav), Italian food in North Beach, Chez Panisse in Berkeley/the famous Alice Water's restaurant, are you full yet? You can drive through Chinatown and the Financial district, but Golden Gate Park is a minimum 2 hour stop. I'm sending a link about stops for photographs of the city and the Golden Gate Bridge.
    Music for packing: Tony Bennett's I Left My Heart in SF or any Heuy Lewis & the News.
    Can't wait to hear about your trip. The city is great in rain or shine, but I'll say a little prayer for sun with puffy white clouds.




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