Recent Changes

Behr is learning new things every day.

He stacks blocks.

Ventures out on his feet, learning to walk more every day.

Wants to explore new foods and eat everything we eat.

Behr can climb up onto the couch, and slides back down gracefully.

He is also testing limits.

Behr throws things and looks for a reaction.

Stops in his tracks when we say his first and middle name together, in a stern voice.

When he hears the word "no," he makes a face, even if it isn't directed at him.

He likes to make noises.

Still loves to snuggle.

And has officially put me back in his number one spot.

A few months ago, when I stopped breastfeeding, Behr realized he didn't need me as much anymore. Life quickly became all about Dad. He would pick Dad over me for anything and everything. Behr would flail on the floor in distress if Dad stepped into another room or lunge out of my arms to try to reach him as he walked past us. But this also meant that I could coexist with Behr with little drama. And he was no longer attached to my hip. I have to be honest, my newfound freedom was both enjoyable and productive. I could make dinner, fold laundry, get work done on my computer all while Behr played happily by my side.

But at somepoint over the past week, while Behr has been sick, it all changed. Momma is number one again. And so my life has gotten a little bit more challenging again. I am the go to for everything these days. And I couldn't be more happy. My few months of freedom were nice after a full-term preganncy plus 9 months of infant carrying. But my little toddler is growing up, and so is our bond. Our cuddles are sweeter. And the reach for mommy is endearing on a whole new level. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I am linking up with Mama Loves Papa for my favorite part of Thursdays:

Behr is wearing:
Polo - Janie and Jack
Camo Pants - hand me downs
Shoes - Robeez from a consignment sale


  1. He just gets more and more handsome by the day. He slays me.

  2. He looks all grown up in that rugby shirt!
    Too cute. And I love that he's mama's boy again.

  3. Love the pics and the story! What a cutie pie. :)

  4. oh my little behr is soo cute!! i was just thinking the other day about what it would be like once mason finally weans himself off of me. it kind of makes me sad to think about it, but i wonder if i will enjoy the freedom a little bit?



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