Mount Vernon on Presidents' Day

We woke up last Monday morning with an adventure ahead of us. We drove to Mount Vernon to celebrate Presidents' Day at Washington's home. The weather was beautiful, the sheep were friendly, and the view across the Potomac was stunningly beautiful. It was a terrific family day for us, we hope you enjoyed our snapshots.

A few tips if traveling to Mount Washington with a child:

  1. The grounds are fairly stroller friendly. We took the wooded path (not stroller friendly) with the stroller and still survived.
  2. Arrive early, about opening time. Parking looks like it is a bit crazy, or full, but there is plenty of parking tucked away.
  3. Check the schedule. There was a ceremony on the main grounds at 10:30, so we planned to do most of our sight seeing during that time, which meant no long lines and great views for us. We will go back and see the performance when Behr is old enough to appreciate it.
  4. There is more than enough to see in one visit!
  5. The site allows and recommend your own bottled water. Bring it.


  1. What a perfect day, and stunning photos! You are always creative with your adventures

  2. Such great shots Shannon! Looks like a fun day.

  3. The picture of you holding Behr is Ah-maz. LOVE your outfit.

  4. looks beauuuttiiiffuulll. I think Behr is getting your smile :)

  5. looks amazing and so fun!! we are headed to dc this coming august!! i need to start making a "to do" list!! it will be my first time out there!!! yaay!

  6. Thanks for the comment love! Looks like you have some fun outings. And love your little guy's owl hat!



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