Dreamy Blues and Greens

this may look like the start of a fashion post...
...but this anthro window is actually my latest party planning inspiration!

No sooner than I recovered from planning Behr's birthday party, I began planning his baptism. On Sunday, we will have a small gathering with our immediate families. However, never one to miss an opportunity for snail mail, we sent announcements to our loved ones, asking them to join us in prayer from their homes and churches across the world.

My obsession with watercolor continues, along with the rest of design world! So it should come as no surprise that watercolor and my favorite cool shades are the common theme here. Take a sneak peek at our top invitation choices from tiny prints*


Our design has been picked, envelopes have been addressed, and lovely cards have been delivered to homed of our beloved.

Can you guess which design we chose?


  1. I always struggle with choosing just one. They're all so cute! I'm going with #1...or #6. See what I mean?
    Hope your event goes well this weekend! xo

  2. so fun! I love that an Anthro window display was your party inspiration :) Those are great colors for spring!

  3. i say number 6. since it reminds me of the window so much. and i love the idea of asking them to pray along with you even if they can't make it.

  4. I'm going to say #6, partly because it's my favorite boys name and partly because I got it in the mail;)



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