Vintage Airmail Americana

If Emily Henderson was naming the design style of this wedding, I am betting she would go with "Vintage Airmail Americana." Talented and creative duo Lina and Sante embarked on their engagement with a long list of vintage shops to hit and DIY projects to knock out of the park. I had the honor of serving as their day of wedding coordinator, helping it all come together.

Rather than pay to rent pricey tableware from their caterer, Lina and Sante combined their own family china with pieces they collected from antique stores and ebay.

 The guest's place cards doubled as their drinking glass for the evening. With the catchy phrase "Sip, Smile, and Repeat" gracing the bar.

Taking the DC theme by storm, Lina collected vintage DC post cards which were included in each reception place setting so guests could write the couple a love note in lieu of signing a traditional guest book.

The dessert bar features a small cake the the couple to cut, and impressive ice cream station, and a traditional Lithuanian cake to embrace the bride's heritage.

As with most of the elements included in this wedding, the flowers were pulled together by the friends and family that offered incredible support to this couple throughout their wedding weekend. If there is one theme that became aparant to me during the planning, set up, and coordination. If you are going the DIY route, enlist the help of talented and creative friends! Lina and Sante sure were lucky to have a full cast of support.

You can read more about Lina's planning in her Make It, Fake It, or Buy It series that ran on my now retired Calligraphy by Shannon wedding planning blog. Here are some specific posts that might be of interest to you.

All pictures features here are either my own, or by their fabulous wedding photographer, Anne Robert Photography. psst, she takes her pictures with film!

Vendors: Wedding Location: St. Peter's Catholic Church // Reception Location: Rockwood Manor // Photographer: Anne Robert Photography // Caterer: Blacksauce Kitchen // Decor & Floral: diy


a little note from me to you:
I am excited to finally be launching "parties" on my blog. The page has been chilling in my top nav bar for months. While I have a few back parties to share with you, idea boards I have completed for friends and clients, and even more exciting ideas planned, I haven't had the bandwidth to get this up and running. So with the new year, I figured I would make the push and give it a go. And this wedding is especially near and dear because while decorating this venue, my brain starting spinning about Behr's first birthday party, which is this Saturday! I cannot wait to share that with you next week.

p.s. can you believe that my itty bitty baby will be ONE on thursday?

p.p.s. you can also find me over at naptime diaries today


  1. Gorgeous post! I'm excited to see more of your parties. I love throwing virtual parties on my blog- makes day dreaming a lot more fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. very cool! Love your Emily Henderson reference :) Also loove the way that everything was pulled together.

    I am excited to follow along and see what else you plan!

  3. Gah that wedding is GORGEOUS! I love the colors and especially her wedding dress. I can't wait to see your parties :) AND WHAT DO YOU MEAN BEHR WILL BE ONE!? Oh my goodness. Time is flying!



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