Small Pajama Style

We do pajamas in this house.
We wear hats, even when our feet are bare.
We play with blocks.
Crawl all over the place.
And pull up on everything.
This is how we roll.

And we are pretty darn cute, don't ya think?

Behr is wearing:
Tea Collection Pajamas
Wee Wool Bomber Hat from WeeStitchery

I am linking up to small style because Morgan rocks!

p.s. one of my best friends from high school spent the past two years writing, recording, editing, and mixing his first full CD.  We are all super excited for Brian in our house,  Behr has already started head banging to his tunes.  You can listen to the EP here or visit their website: The Carpet Squares The full CD is available for download on iTunes.


  1. I like PJs and hats! Babies can get away with any attire. We do PJs all day a lot too. :-)

  2. pretty darn cute ;) and we like to roll in our jammies too!!

  3. @m--e, @Yellow Finch Designs - good to hear that others enjoy jammie days. and it is true, babies can get away with nearly anything

  4. he 'rolls' adorably... love that wide eyed smile of Behr's! Those are the best hats to have - makes me feel like a wild northern trapper when I wear one! ;o)
    Needle and Nest

  5. I'm in love with tea collection pjs. They pair so well with wintery hat. And, I might add, it's a rare day when my girl and i get dressed before 10 am.

  6. p.s. he has amazing facial expressions.

  7. Very darn cute!
    That hat is just the sweetest.

  8. Aw, he looks like he's having so much fun!

  9. My Evelyn lives in her pajamas! With the days getting colder and we're stuck inside means staying zipped up in her footed pj's!

  10. Adorable baby boy! I like the way he rolls!

  11. SOOO cute! Your house sounds like a pretty great place! :)



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