It is only Wednesday?

This has already been a seriously long week. I just finished the Christmas cards last night. There are still presents to wrap and bags to pack and two incredible birthdays to celebrate. Hint: One birthday is the big 3-0 of the man of my dreams. Maybe you have seen him around here before?

So I leave you with how I stick out like a sore thumb now that I'm a mom. I'm over at Tales for Karina Marie.

and for all of the crazy questions I have been getting on formspring recently.
some of which have been deleted because they are just plain mean
here is why I am not wonderwoman people seem to think I profess to be

I did no holiday baking.
We didn't get a Christmas tree,
because we don't have time or room and our carpet is being replaced January 3rd.
I haven't cooked for my family in over a week.
Friends will not receive houswarming or holiday gifts this year,
even if they are hosting parties or letting us spend the night at their place.
Said man of my dreams commented that the only theme of my blog is that I seem to "share everything."
thanks for the vote of confidence
I might be a bit grumpy about it all.

I am not wonderwoman. I am just trying to keep my head above water.

If you are in the mood for more bright happy Christmas spirit, come back tomorrow.
I promise there will be adorable pictures of Behr,
including the first time meeting Santa that you will not want to miss!


  1. Yay for the first time meeting Santa!

    I'm sorry you've been getting mean comments. Are they from jealous mommies or something?

  2. How dare someone be mean to you??
    Are people for real? Seriously.
    I will pop by tomorrow to see your little Behr! xo



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