2011 Gift Guide: Simple Luxuries

Sometimes it is the little things, the simple luxuries. Objects of beauty that aren't necessities, but make small moments sweet.  Of course I can use my college sweatshirt blanket, but this gorgeous throw would be better.  And who wouldn't want to corral loose change or business cards in this effortlessly chic gold pouch? Can't you imagine placing freshly picked hydrangeas in this classic vase? These are the thought behind the "simple luxuries" gift guide.  The gifts {at all price points} for the folks who have everything and need nothing. Or maybe this is just another one of my own secret wish lists...

1. Pendleton 5th Avenue Glacier Park Throw $138 // 2. Staub Round Teapot in Graphite Grey $99 // 3. Gold Wallet by Clare Vivier $85 // 4. Twiggy Rose Gold Bangle from OurFamilyJewelsLA on Etsy for $114 // 5. Navy Stripe Omaggio Vase from UrbanButik for $59 // 6. Glitter Stripe Note Cards from Social Proper - set of 8 for $16

Still not sure what to get your loved ones?  
See my other gift guides or leave a comment with your question.

gift guides coming soon: 13 going on 30, foodies, and the mister


  1. want that gold twig bracelet on mah wrist.

  2. I like that gold bracelet too. Unfortunately, I have child-sized wrists and most bracelets fall off.

    And I LOVE the teapot!

  3. love those note cards! great list shanniebananie

  4. thanks for the link! loving all your ideas. :) that scarf is SO so pretty... and the bracelet too!

    and thanks for the comment on my blog! :) :)

  5. Love this gift guide! The twig bangle is my favorite!



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