Saturday Shoes: for Behr

Behr has acquired quite a collection of shoes.  It might sound crazy for a 10 month old, but his feet need to be toasty and warm too.  The two pairs on the left are favorites and the two on the right are on Behr's Christmas list.

The Favorites:

Every pair of booties from Little Friends on etsy.  We have purchased two pairs for Behr, and one as a gift for our friend Bella.  All three have become fast favorites!

Zutano Fleece Booties - Behr wore these almost every single day as a baby until the DC weather turned hot.  We even snuck in a few wears early fall before he out grew them.  The simple snap makes them adjustable and stay on wiggly toes.

The Wish List:

As the weather gets colder, Behr has been begging me to get him some warm shoes.  These Minnetonka Sheepskin Booties would do just the trick!

And who doesn't like knit items on babies?  The pair on the bottom right from Tane Organics would be adorable on Behr.

Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Or a favorite pair of baby booties?
I would love to hear your top picks.


  1. And I'm happy to report that Bella has LOVED her shoes! They were the only pair we packed for our Thanksgiving trip- oops!- but they actually worked with every outfit!

  2. Thomas has one pair of shoes. I got them at Once Upon a Child for $3. Actually, hubby picked them out and they look like they've never been worn. He's only worn them twice; he doesn't walk yet so he just stays in socks all day (well, if he doesn't pull them off while playing with his feet :P)

    Booties would be nice to have for him now that the cold Ohio winter is approaching.

  3. those knit ones are soooo darn beautiful. and the little friends shop is so cute.

    adddddding to the wish list.



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