2011 Gift Guide: For Mom

This is a gift guide geared to your mom, not the new baby mom's of blog land. How can you honor and cherish the woman who has spent the last 20, 30, 40 + years raising and supporting you? While there are countless personal choices, here are a few no-fail options for those special ladies in your life. Oh, and these gifts also work well for mother-in-laws, imagine that!

Gifts for Mom: 1. Silk Nelli Scarf from Roberto Roller Rabit, $135 each // 2. Leather Driving Gloves with SmarTouch technology from Isotoner for $54 // 3. Made to order Glass Butter Dish on Etsy for $40 // 4. Lisa Leonard Keepsake Bowl for $52 // 5. Boiled Wool Cuffed Slippers from VivaTerra for $75 // 6. Crepe Gift Set from Sur La Table for $50


  1. scaaaaarves. just my favorite thing ever! and that butter dish is so freakin' cute!

  2. Thanks Natalie! My problem with these gift guides is that it always ends up being stuff I want too!

  3. I found your blog through from Elizabeth's when she blogged about your Boston trip...I love the way you tell stories and so far I'm loving these gift guides. All that to say that I have a gift challenge. My mom doesn't really love anything other than her family. She doesn't have any hobbies or seem to have anything that she really loves to do or see. I would normally try to get a family picture with all of the kids and grandkids but this year we all live all across the states. Any ideas?

  4. Steph - Thanks for the comment! I will pull some ideas together and let you know when it is ready.

  5. My MIL is 80 years old and I never know what to get her. I never thought to get her a scarf, thanks for the idea!



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