Small Style Boston

Because I just LOVE how cute Behr looked for our day in Boston...

...I am showing these pictures again.

Forgive me.

But with this "re-post" for the sake of my favorite link-up, Small Style, I offer you a promise:

This blog will abstain from the whoa-crazy Behr overload you have been experiencing.
You will still see him, just not every day.

 - & - 

I am working on some ridiculously good gift guides for this year.  Just for you.
psst...they are even better than last year's gift guides

Now, time for my small style link up:

Bear Hat - SnazzyBeans on etsy
Navy Polo - Old Navy
Jeans - Carters (that sadly he not longer fits into)
Socks (even thought you can't see 'em) - SeeKaiRun
Mocs - hand-me-downs

Question to all the parents out there:
Do you get sentimental as your kids out grow adorable clothes?
Or is it just me?


  1. Is it weird if I make that second picture of Behr my background on my computer?

    Actually, I'll answer that myself. Very creepy. But he's so cute :)

  2. Alexandria, you are hilarious! Funny you ask because Berh is the background picture on every single electronic device owned by my extended family - blackberry, iPhones, iPads, home computers, work computers, etc.

    And then they take pictures from my blog, post them to facebook, and tag themselves! Behr has his own little paparazzi/photos gone viral moment each time I post a new pic.

    p.s. I don't think you are creepy.

  3. Are you kidding me with how cute Behr looks in those pictures? I love it, especially knowing that he's even cuter in real life.

  4. i'm KINDA GLAD that you reposted that cute little pic of Behr looking up at you, because I noticed those adorable shoes he's wearing!


  5. Adorable... I totally get sentimental because the tinier the clothes, the cuter they are and packing up another set just reminds me how fast time flies. Savor the moments!

  6. it definitely makes me sad when my little cash grows out of some of my favorite pieces. oftentimes, if i really love something i buy like the next three sizes bigger. :-)

    behr is so cute. so stinkin' cute.

  7. That hat!! I die.
    And yes, I fact this crazy mama as kept much of my older ones' cuteness. Just can't bear to part w some of them.
    They may be vintage now. ;)

  8. I do get very sentimental with Ayla's cute clothes. I have her dedication and Easter dresses hung up on her wall as part of the decoration because I can't stand to think of them packed away forever. The only thing that makes it bearable is knowing what cute 12 month clothes await!
    PS. Please post as many pics of Behr as your mommy-heart desires... you know, for those of us who don't get to see him in person as much.

  9. for those of us living vicariously through our friends with ADORABLE babies, please don't stop posting pictures of this little man. :)

  10. I LOVE the cute overload - keep it coming.

    And yes, I do get sentimental when they outgrow the cute clothes. I don't feel so bad if I have captured lots of memories of them on the camera first.

  11. @Anna C, kkp, and ingrid - Don't worry, I won't stop posting pictures of Behr. I just hope to mix in some other content as well.



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