A New England Fall

It was about time we introduced Behr to one our favorite places, Boston in the Fall.  So over Columbus Day weekend, we packed our bags and headed North.  This is our trip:

{day one}

Our first day was spent catching up with former co-workers, and dinner with my best friends from high school...who conveniently moved to Boston after I left!
reunited with auntie karlene.  we have a picture that looks just like this from Behr's first week.

walking along the charles river

eating some fine banana
before joining the adults for dinner

reminding auntie katie that her nephews
are not cuter than Behr! :)

{day two}

While Mark went off to play in a golf tournament with some of his lacrosse teammates, Behr and I met up with some "lacrosse wives."  We headed to Russell Orchards to apple cider donuts and a few photo opportunities. 

future lacrosse all americans

Behr was not into the picture taking...unless we gave him hay to play with.

One of the things I became most excited about was the chance to "re-enact" our maternity photos from the year before.  

original photo shoot here

We took a good long nap after the orchard.  Taking pictures is hard work!  But our afternoon held even more excitement!  Behr and I went back to the old college campus for a stroll with...Bridget and Parker!
We walked around campus with our babies, nursed them in broad daylight in a building that didn't exist when we were students, and got to catch up face-to-face.  It is always great to see old friends.  Seeing Bridget on campus reminded me of how many people I wish I could see more often.  But alumni weekend had only just begun...

I am linking up to small style:

{day one}
Navy and White Knit Romper - Gap
found at a consignment sale for just a few bucks!

{day two}
Plaid and Brown Waffle Shirt - Cherokee
Jeans - Cherokee
Socks - Old Navy


  1. oh look at us and our babes.

    also, love the reenaactment of the maternity photo!

  2. Aw it looks like a fantastic beginning to the weekend! Behr's facial expressions get me every time :)

  3. I love that hay made Behr instantly happy.

    Too funny and so very cute.

  4. Such cute outfits! I especially love the picture of Behr crying in the middle of the pumpkins... so sweet!

  5. Ha ha, I have a photo of my daughter crying in the middle of a bunch of pumpkins, too!

    He really is a cutie when he's not crying though!

    And I love your pre and post maternity photoshoot- what a great idea- I wish I had done that!

  6. What a great idea to recreate maternity pictures. It must have bene a lovely trip down memory lane.
    I'm totally loving that blue & white romper, btw.

  7. What a great idea to recreate maternity pictures. It must have bene a lovely trip down memory lane.
    I'm totally loving that blue & white romper, btw.

  8. Shannon,
    I found your blog through Lindsey Benson/Allenby and realized we both attended Gordon at the same time! We were just at Russell's with my little guy that same weekend, too : ) Looks like you had a great trip. Enjoying your blog!


  9. Looks like such a beautiful place to be! I love the fall colors, and the lake!

    Hope you have a great day!



  10. I love the re-enactment photo!
    And the photos with Bridget...so sweet to see you ladies together.



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