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My favorite part of  all of these guest posts is seeing the love that is shared by others.  Taking a tiny step into someones love story makes me weak in the knees.  Today, we are graced with a post by the lovely Sarah of Fairy Tales are True.  She is the sweetest of sweet hearts.  Enjoy! 


Happy 5 year Anniversary Shannon & Mark!!
I felt honored when Shannon asked me to celebrate my marriage as they are celebrating theirs this week.
Gosh, i love -LOVE.
annnnnd 5 years - go y'all!!  

Hi there!
I'm Sarah and JB is my husband. 
::: photo courtesy of jessicalorren:::

The thing that has always excited me most about marriage
was that one day
a man that I adored would choose
enough to lock me down for life.
It thrilled me to no end.  

It still makes my heart beat faster.  Knowing that he chose me.  That he will always choose me!
It's an incredible feeling that is both humbling and exhilarating.  
Knowing that you have someone in your corner for life!
It has also given me a sense of freedom to be exactly who I was made me to be.
i did not understand it at first.  it was like ...
so you are telling me I can be a hormonal holy terror and he's still going to love me?
but amazingly so, it was true.

When I was dating other guys prior to JB,   I always concealed a part of me, and hid it away.  But the difference with JB was that I almost immediately felt at ease to just be me!  
oh and isn't that an amazing feeling when you are comfortable enough with someone 
to just tear down walls?  yes. yes, it is.

It has given me another glimpse at how God must love us.  unconditionally. no matter what.
{and oh my stars and garters,
 when we have kids  I'm pretty certain my heart is going to leap out of my chest!}

Bottom line, when its with the right person,
 marriage is the best gift!


  1. i seriously love this mini series you are doing . . . or whatever it is. just so wonderful.

    being chosen is one of the things hubs and i love most about marriage. so incredibly special.


  2. Hi Sarah!

    Marriage really is such a freeing experience. I never knew I'd feel even more like myself with another person, but I did and I do.

    I'm glad JB chose you, too. Such a beautiful thing.



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