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My favorite part of  all of these guest posts is seeing the love that is shared by others. Julie here, of Green Eggs and Hammes is one of my bestest friends from high school. She has taught me to laugh, let loose, enjoy life, and love Jesus. Reading this post, I realized how much our husbands are alike..."sexy socks" and all.  Go on now, I know you want to understand "sexy socks." Enjoy!


hey scribble pad readers :) 
i'm julie from green eggs & hammes & i'm super happy to be posting for shannon today!

first of all... 
happy five year anniversary to shannon & mark!
yours is a marriage i highly respect and admire & i'm super excited for y'all.
i hope you both thoroughly enjoy your internet-fast! ;)

when shannon asked me to blog on marriage, i was super excited initially!
if you were to ask me something that i'm extremely passionate about, 
i would say that marriage is way, way, way up there on that list.
but then when it actually came to writing it... i blanked.
i mean, there's so much to say & i don't know how to condense it in to a small post like this.
but i can always try.

so here's me & my love, eric

and here's the cute kid we made... levi
juuuuuust kidding.... do you really think i'd post that picture of my son?
there he is ;) 

so... i had this whole post written out... and then e walked by to go mow the lawn & said
"check me out in my sexy socks"
because {and i honestly have no idea why} but when he pulls his socks half way up his legs...
i seriously think it's sexy in a weird way. don't judge.

all that to say... this little interaction made me change my post.

here's a little tribute to my marriage... while also encouraging all of you other wives who are reading this:
enjoy marriage.

marriage is tough, yes? let's just be honest.
i could tell you stories that would make you cringe in horror and judge me horrifically.
and i could tell you stories that would make you laugh so loud you might pee your pants.
but you still might judge me.
because both of those would be about our arguments.
{and we've had lots of those in our 4 1/2 years, y'all}
so please don't misunderstand me when i say "enjoy marriage" and post cute photos of me & the hubs.
one of the hardest things i'll ever do is try to to communicate with a man who is so not like me.
on issues where we just don't see eye to eye.
or issues where we do see eye to eye - but we don't talk the same way so it takes us an hour to figure out
"oh hey, we're on the same team here, huh?"

life hasn't exactly been a simple one for me & eric the past year... but God has been faithful.
and i can honestly say that there's nobody else i'd rather be walking through life with.

because y'all...
marriage is the greatest reward.
life with the person you chose to do this thing with.
for me - it's life with my very best friend.
laughing at the stupid.
crying at the difficult.
having a candlelit datenight in your living room just because.
reading books together on the front porch.
doing everyday mundane tasks.
and then doing something crazy to break the mold of the ordinary.
having a "my kind of date" where we dress up a little, do dinner out & talk the night away.
and having a "his kind of date" where we work together, side by side, on a project.
taking a family walk around the neighborhood at night.
laying in bed with our kiddo in the morning and laughing at the silly things he does.
going to get dunkin donuts coffee because it's just yummy!
having someone to encourage you in the best parts of you, that you might not be fully aware of yet.

marriage is just a sweet thing in my eyes.
not always pretty. but oh, so definitely sweet.

i really married a top-notch man.
he was not what i had expected for myself, i'll be totally honest in that.
but i am so very much in love with him, it's a little ridiculous.
and not because he does all the romantic things right.
but because he loves Jesus.
because he loves our son.
and because he loves me.
and that means that he chooses to love me... even when i'm at my ugliest point.
and that's just a beautiful picture to me.

so ... happy anniversary shannon & mark.
thank you for letting me be reminded why i love my marriage so very much.
may you thoroughly enjoy each other today and this whole week.
whatever it might bring :)
{which could seriously be a lot of lovin' without any internets to distract you. yee-haw} ;)


  1. Love this post. So honest, sweet, and true!

  2. great post! honesty and a positive outlook is always great to read :)

  3. Hi Julie!

    I greatly enjoyed your perspective and agree with you fully.

    Sexy socks! That's amazing.

    molly R

  4. I love that you share the great and the not-so-great!



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