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I am so excited to have Bridget of Tales of Me and The Husband guest post today, and conclude our little marriage series.  Have you read her blog yet?  You should.  She is a super funny girl and writes just like she talks.  She is a rl (real life) friend and take my word, she is a hoot!  Bridget, thanks so much for joining my marriage series.  


Marriage is crazy.

That's not a very promising beginning to a post on marriage, huh?

Wait, wait, wait.  Marriage is awesome too.

I'm approaching my five-year anniversary this December.  My marriage has been a particularly crazy one--hence my first line.  If you've read my love story, then you'll understand.  But anyway, moving on.

Marriage is crazy.  Why do I say that?  You're two people who come from entirely different backgrounds, places, locations... with different assumptions, expectations... who happened to fall in love... and are now expected to be roommates, share everything, and eventually, maybe, make babies.  Oh, and live together basically forever until death do you part.


That's some crazy sh*t right there.

I remember going to my Mom for some marital advice before I tied the knot.  

"Mom, how do you know when it's right?"
"Bridget, marriage is a crapshoot.  I'm not sure you ever know beyond the shadow of a doubt."

Again, I say, WHAT?!

What I think she meant is that there's not going to be a sign-in-the-sky moment that reads: YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING.  CONTINUE DOWN THIS PATH FOR A PROSPEROUS AND HAPPY MARRIAGE.  You may not have an "a-ha!" moment (but you may).  You may not have one hundred percent clarity that this is what God (the universe, Allah, your destiny... you get the drift) had in the cards for you.  

But, a wise man once told me (that wise man is my husband), that sometimes it's a choice.  You're not always going to feel loving.  You're not always going to feel like sharing or serving (and the serving goes for the husband AND wife).  The honeymoon stage will end.  You're going to be pissed sometimes.  Frustrated.  Angry as hell.  Those are the times when you have to choose to love.  Choose to serve.  Choose to be committed.  Choose to stay.

I thought it was genius.  And I'm glad he's mine (most of the time).


  1. Love those photos of you two.

    And what you wrote of course. Good stuff, and true.


  2. I love this! I completely agree. Those warm fuzzies aren't always there, but it's still worth it to choose love.

  3. ugh, i love this. it's true. there are days where love is a choice. and you have to keep choosing it, because it is always, always, worth it.

  4. damnit.

    i have goosebumps.

    obsessed with this post because its so true. (says the girl who is not married...yet)

  5. Very true. It is really the times when things aren't so good that show the true colors of your marriage. The most important thing for us has been always supporting each other. When in arguments, I live by the phrase, "If one person wins - you both lose"



  6. Great post! I love Bridget and the humor and honesty that she brings to writing about serious life stuff.

    Ironically, I did a guest post about marriage today as well, if you're interested in some more thoughts on the topic! :)

    My blog is:

    But the link to the marriage guest post is:



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