::All About Marriage:: A Blog Series

108 months ago I was a college freshman who didn't want to date

107 months ago I met an awesome boy, but didn't want to date

101 months ago I agreed to date said boy and learned how to be outside of a comfort zone

69 months ago he proposed

60 months ago I became his wife

48 months ago we moved to DC and learned what marriage was like outside of a comfort zone

18 months ago we celebrated being pregnant {and started counting time in months!}

8 months ago we became parents and continue to learn what marriage is like outside of a comfort zone

Marriage is gloriously wonderful and uncomfortable and secure and to be cherished.  On Friday we get to celebrate 5 years of marriage and 9 years of love
I am overwhelmed at how each day it is possible to love someone more. 
After 9 years, how is there possibly more love to give?
There is.

Marriage is beautiful and sacred.
I am the luckiest girl in the entire world.
Mark and I both work hard at our marriage.
It takes prayer and patience and a whole lot of grace.
It is hard work.
And worth every ounce of sweat.
But it takes time.

One of the gifts I am giving Mark this year is time. I am committing to a no computer zone when I get home from work.  A commitment that will give us time as a family and as a couple to love on and serve each other better.  So for the next two weeks you will be hearing from some of my favorites in a mini blog series all about marriage.  You will be reading about their love stories, how they make it work, tips they have for success and more. I hope you enjoy their words. I know Mark and I will be enjoying the time. 

Thanks for helping Mark and I celebrate 5 years of marriage!


  1. omg I love the photo of you laughing and dancing. You have great teeth. I love great teeth.

    I am excited for this series!

    Hapy Anniversary! Enjoy your time together :)

  2. Candis.

    Thanks for noticing my teeth.

    They cost a pretty penny, but I like 'em.

    One of these days...I will have to post a before and after from my teenage years!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Mark and Shannon! I hope you enjoy your time away. Your wedding day was beautiful :)

  4. This will be good! Looking forward to every post... happy anniversary!

  5. this was so sweet and such an inspiration for someone like me who isn't married. congrats on 5 years and have a wonderful anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary! What great pictures too. Time is such an awesome gift. Enjoy yourselves.

  7. these photos of you two are adorable, shannon. thank you for sharing!

    i also love the idea of giving time to the hubs. i'm totally guilty of using blogs and fb to not deal with the hard things (especially a problem while living overseas).

    thanks for a beautiful little reminder to continue to invest, and to lean in when things get hard.

    congrats on 5 years!

  8. This is such a beautiful post! And your photos are so romantic. I've got tears in my eyes. May you always be happy together!




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