Saturday Shoes: by Irene

You have heard about Irene right?  No, not the blogger, the hurricane!  Since she has captured the entire audience of the East Coast, why not do a little special here.  If I were to run out and prepare for the hurricane {which I am not} these babies would be at the top of my list of essentials:

Hunter Wellies

How about you?  
What footwear do you sport come rain or hurricane?


  1. p.s. the cheesy jokes for this one were just too good! I wanted to add things like...

    ...she has taken the blogging world by storm...

    but I spared you. you are welcome.

  2. I'm still dreaming of owning a pair of these boots! I have a less than perfect Lands End pair of rubber boots for the rain but my favorite summer rain shoes are my crocs ballet flats. Love 'em!
    Hope you managed to avoid any real damage from the storm!

  3. croc ballet flats = genius! I never thought of how they would make great rain shoes! Thanks Beth!

  4. i love these .. my go to any cloudy day even if its not raining.. lol



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