The best of city life

view from our rooftop
I really love living in the city. The longer I am here, the deeper the attraction of urban dwelling. It has it's drawbacks for sure. Having a child has certainly made me start to think about what life looks like in the next five, seven or 12 years. But right now, my feet are firmly planted in DC.

Were you expecting me to say more? Oh, well actually I did say more. Over here. While Molly is enjoying the big apple with her family, I am filling you in on why the two of us are so much alike in our city loving little hearts.


Because we all need a little Behr in our life...

Here in the city, we don't have a "front yard," so we sit on the brick patio outside our building, because we are cool like that.  These pictures are from Aunt Brookie's visit to DC.

Since summer is nearly over, I couldn't resist taking a few photos of Behr in this jumper.  It was a no name find at the great tot swap last spring.  It has been perfect for the hot, hot, hot summer days here in DC.  There are always a few outfits that are my favorite for Behr.  This is certainly one of them.

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  1. OMG he looks adorable in his little jumper, come back to NS i miss him to much, how is his rash? Also how was the earthquake tried calling you?

  2. DC really is the best :) Second only to Behr! But that's why I'm so excited I found supah cheap plane tickets and I'm flying down in September!!!!!!!!!

  3. How do you link up to small style? On the days Westley has style I think it would be fun to do!

  4. Very cute little romper on your very cute little love.
    I'm also an urban Mama. (Although I don't live in DC...I live in Japan) and while we do miss out on some things like back yards, there as so many advantages - like walks and nearby parks, and a bakery around the corner and energy and people and fun. I couldn't imagine living in the suburbs...yet. (Who knows what the future holds)

  5. Very cute romper. I love pictures are babies when they've just begun to sit on their own.

  6. Ah, DC. What a special city it is!
    And I adore your cute son's name! It's so strong!



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