Door Decor

Help a sister out!

These are the three door decoration that represent us throughout the year.  It is about this time, after the Fourth of July festivities, that my door feels stale and lonely.  We live in an apartment building at the moment, so live door hangings don't work.  However, I am desperate for something to fill the gaps:

December-the month of Easter 
and again from Easter-4th of July/Summer 
oh yeah and labor day-Novemebr could use some help too!

We are not huge fans of overly theme-y holiday oriented stuff.  But want classics that welcome us home from the other end of the hall.  Please send me links, suggestions, pictures, even people to follow on pinterest.  I need to find something.  The idea well is running dry.  


  1. Love this idea for Christmas time: a wreath trio hung with ribbons:

    Also, I love hand painted hanging slate signs or plaques. I have seen really nice lighthouse or beach ones for summertime, "welcome" ones or even personalized with your name. :) granted, some of them are tacky, but I bet you could find some really cute, preppy, or sophisticated ones ones on Etsy.

  2. we have two besides our christmas wreath that i love. one is this:

    and one i can't find instructions/ directions for. i took an old book (from goodwill) and cut the pages into strips about an inch wide. then, using the dull (outside) edge of a scissors, i curled the strips like you would a ribbon on a package. then i threaded the ends of them on a piece of thick string and sewed them around a metal hanger i had bent into a circle. hope that makes sense. we love them both, as avid readers and hot beverage consumers!

  3. Cherry Blossom wreath:

    Sunny Acorn wreath:

    DIY fall wreath:

    DIY fall/winter wreaths:

    DIY summer wreath (minus the window):

    Okay, I'm done now :-)



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