The blueberries are in!

It is week 4 of our CSA.  Oh my, how a month has flown by.  It is amazing what the end of June means for produce, especially blueberries.  Here is what we received in our share this week: Blackberries {hiding behind the blueberries} LOTS of blueberries, sour cherries, cucumbers, squash, red beets, and lettuce mix.

My favorite part of the CSA is we get all of this produce each week!  Which means we have to be creative and hurry up and eat it before next week's bounty.

Last night I made Mark a smoothie with blackberries, blueberries, and mango.  Loads of antioxidants!

Tonight we will make a big salad for dinner with the lettuce mix and cucumbers, and maybe even some beets.

Oh beets, we have a love/hate relationship.  Mark loves you and I hate you!  Each time I get beets {which is quite a few times throughout the CSA season} Mark reminds me that beets are an excellent source of iron.  I try yet another recipe that falls short of my expectations.  For the record I am expecting to find a recipe that makes me eventually like beets.  This go around, I think we will turn to the goddess of cooking.  And if she doesn't work, maybe I will hit up The Pioneer Woman.

The squash will most likely become a main dish sautéed with a bit of EVOO and seasoned with fresh cracked pepper.  My favorite way to eat most vegetables, which I was happy to learn is also the preferred preparation method of Nina Planck my new dietary hero.

Last but not least the sour cherries.  I am searching for a quick and easy recipe for these babies.  This time I will turn to Martha Stewart.  If I love a recipe, I will share it with you all.

So there you have it folks, a week chock full of fruits and veggies.

What are you going to be eating this week?

During the writing of this post I lacked a go-to heath food related website.  Where do you turn for nutritional information and/or guidance?

Do you blog about cooking?  Want me to try some of your recipes?  Let me know!


  1. Looks great! We have a sour cherry tree in our front yard and I totally missed the cherries because I was too enamored with Westley all day every day and eventually the birdies got em.

    Enjoy you're good eatins!!

  2. Who is the chubby green fella in the front row? surely that is not a cucumber.

    is it an eggplant? zucchini?

  3. mmm... I loved my CSA... it's over now and I'm away for the summer, so no summer CSA for us. I'm mildly jealous.



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