Sometimes Behr looks like my brother Mike

There are moments when I look at Behr and I think of this picture:

Mike Jr. and Pop-Pop (1989)

I am not sure if it is because I have always loved this photo, the nostalgia I feel for the "good times" with family, or the sadness that I never had the chance to tell my grandfather that we were expecting.  {He passed away the day after our first pregnant doctors appointment.}  All emotions aside, both Mike and Behr have the bug eyed thing down.  Here is Behr making the "Michael" face:

I know he makes this face more often...but when searching for pictures I only found a few that resembled maybe they don't really look that much alike?!?

When I opened the frame to scan the picture of my grandfather and brother, I found this gem of Mike and our Mom.  Flash forward to Mom and Behr:

What do you think?  

Do they look alike?  

Side note: Doesn't Patti look great?  First, I can't imagine looking that put together with a new baby.  And let me remind you, Mike is her third child!  She seriously has her act together.  Second, she still looks fantastic!  So glad I have these genes.   

Speaking of Mike, here is the proud uncle with Behr from this past weekend:


  1. What an uncanny resemblance!!! I mean, wow :)...I totally see it!

    Super cute!

    xx Cat brideblu

  2. They totally do look alike!!!! I love it. Clearly, he's gotten his good looks from your side of the family haha! I kid, I kid.

  3. SO cute!! They totally look alike!!! I love the bug eyed look. haha! :)

  4. Crazy huh? What is even crazier is how much MORE he is like his daddy. Amazing how one baby can be so much like both his momma's side of the family and his pop's.

  5. Oh what a cutie!! I can't wait to have a little one of my own!!!!! xoxo



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