Anywhere in the Continental US

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I'm leaving...on a jet plane!

Mark won two TWO tickets for a round trip flight anywhere ANYWHERE in the US {lower 48}

We are approaching our 5 year {woot. woot.anniversary.

Where should we go?!?!

Details to consider:
in September-ish time frame
perhaps without Behr


  1. How did he win this?! I'm so excited for you!

    Um you could go to wine country in CA? Or the greatest state ever...Indiana... :)

  2. was litereally going to say the exact same thing as christie-- somewhere in the san fran region. or so cal! oooor prolong your summer a bit and do florida?

  3. I think you should go somewhere that you couldn't practically drive to, so even though northern New England is beautiful that time of year, you should probably go West. Not sure what your style is, but CA wine country or some of the national parks in the west (yellowstone, glacier, yosemite) would be on the top of my list. However, if you are leaving Behr, maybe you wouldn't want to be all the way across the country? If so, Niagra falls region might be nice. Wine, fall color, nice scenery, etc.
    I'd take the little guy, but that's just me. I would feel wrong taking a family vacation without the kiddos, and would just be missing them the whole time. I don't need a vacation from my kids! we get such a short time with them--we should maximize and treasure it! Not that you shouldn't also spend time with the hubby too, but a date night here and there should take care of that, no?

  4. San Diegoooooo!!! It's my favorite place ever. EVER.

  5. You should make a game of it! Wrote down all the options and start narrowing them down! I do think San Fran is a great option Sister lives there and I always love visiting.

  6. Definitely whale-watching in Alaska.

  7. There has to be somewhere you've ALWAYS wanted to visit, right?? Think about what you like to do. Are you more the history museum indoor type? Or the explore outdoor get dirty type? That might narrow it down a tad. :)



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