Spring Rainbows

In case you missed the weather forecast, Spring has been eluding the East Coast.  It is cold, dreary, and damp.  My mood needed a serious boost of joy, and I thought you might too. Bring on the rainbows!

ana candles from design/story
how do you choose which colors to get?  they are all fabulous!

missoni rug found on modern design
I might be lusting after this rug.

incredible bedroom via design*sponge
sweet dreams happen here, for sure!

kids feet are cute.
kids feet in furry rainbow socks top it all.
found on flickr here.

bridget gets mom of the year for this cake.


  1. my cake, my cake!!

    but im really lovin those candles...

  2. love this- and that rug?! it is screaming "play room" "den" "anywhere in my house"!!



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