Establishing Easter

As the first major holiday/milestone/tradition making event of Behr's life, I am all spun up about Easter.  I am searching for traditions to begin with our little family.  I am striving for ways to ensure the true meaning of this seemingly randomly selected Sunday is conveyed to our children son.  Meanwhile, Mark keeps reminding me that we still have plenty of time.  Behr won't remember.  We only have one child.  An egg hunt is futile with a child that does not yet crawl or even grasp at toys.  And yet, I am still wound up.

Clothes:  Until now, I have been convinced that baby boys clothes are cuter than baby girls.  Well, this is not the case when it is IMPOSSIBLE to find an Easter outfit.  There are NO easter clothes in stores for baby boys.  I have however found these adorable darlings for Behr's feet.  He might just wear a diaper and these to church on Easter Sunday.  

from a boutique on zulily

Traditions: How do we marry the traditions that Mark and I each grew up with?  What do we establish for our own family.  How will Behr's first Easter look compared to our second...third...forth child?  How do we keep the focus on church and not the easter bunny?


Visiting Family: How do we see, celebrate, and spend time with everyone while maintaining our own sanity?  Whenever it comes to deciding what to do, I feel like we are deciding who to disappoint.  I want to throw my hands in the air and tell everyone we aren't visiting...that we are just doing our own thing. 

Holidays growing up for me always meant a house full of people {20-30 people kind of full} with family traveling from all over the US/world to be together.  Holidays for Mark were often him, his brother, and their parents.  How do I balance the feeling that a gathering of just a few of us is still special, when the norm for me has always been a big crowd?  

What do you do?!


  1. I totally agree that traditions are so important for children! I can't wait to have my own and I feel like holidays will be more spirited as well! I love those little booties and that color is one of my favorites! I just came across your blog and your lil family is so precious! I'm your newest follower!

    Little Lady

  2. i was the same way at christmas w/sam... mark sounds like caleb... and honestly, i don't think sam will care, except we have some fun pictures! xo

  3. i love the idea of starting your own family traditions. it's important to include the extendeds, but the idea of you, husband, and adorable baby being the "family" now, creating your own traditions is wonderful! good luck! from the looks of it, it seems like you'll have no problem coming up with some wonderfully crafty ideas!

    and i'm so glad to have met you too! i found you through a few college friends blogs, so I'm thinking we may have gone to school together?! anyways, love the blog and love reading about your newest adventure!



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