Jack Rogers

polyvore set
Do you love Jack Rogers as much as I do?  They are my go-to shoe.  Well, RueLaLa is having a Jack Rogers sale today {starts at 11:00 am est 4/15}!  Be sure to hurry on over and check it out

Sadly, I will be obstaining as I am on a "shoe fast" for all of 2011.  Crazy right? 

Go an enjoy some shoe shopping for the both of us! 

Oh, and let me know if you get something so I can live vicariously.


  1. I really applaud your ability to be on a shoe fast and yet do these posts...at least in 2012 you can run through them and use it as a wish list?!

  2. Just so we're all aware, I own three pairs of Jack Rogers Navajo's. THREE. I believe everyone should own at least two pairs :)

  3. Well Maggy, the shoe fast shouldn't be applauded so quickly. It began because I have over 100 pairs in our tiny apt. So, part of the process is to wear and be content with what I have. I have a tendency to not want to part with my shoes, so I avoid wearing ones that are getting old and keep them for sentimental reasons - bad habit! So this shoe fast is making me wear, and literally use up some of the shoes I have.

    And Alexandra, I meet your quotient. I have 2 pairs of JRs, but they are a blue pair and a lime green pair. If I get another pair, I will be sure to go neutral to get more use out of them!



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