Behr Laughing + Weekend Run Down

1. Kind neighbors are awesome.

Diane ran the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler.  Her husband treated her with beautiful flowers to commemorate the occasion.  When they went out of town, they delivered these for our continued enjoyment!  I will gladly enjoy Diane's leftover flowers any day.

2. When you wait all week for a beautiful weekend weather forecast, and it doesn't pan out, it is a total let down.  Especially when returning to work in an office with no windows.  Wishing I could enjoy the forecasted 80 degree weather with Behr today.  And yet, I am still giddy about the warm weather.

3. What could be better than flowers and 80 degree weather?  Behr's first giggles recorded last weekend and finally uploaded for your enjoyment.


  1. How sweet (the flowers & the giggle) and I understand the office feeling...makes lunch break a serious reality. :)

  2. oh that giggle is priceless!!!!! priceless!!!

  3. hahahah, so sweet. I love how the line between laughter and crying is so delicate.

  4. Love that giggle! And so glad that our flowers were fully enjoyed! Hand me downs rock. :)

  5. hahaha! love the laugh!! did behr get scared at the end?! ;)



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