Happy Birthday Behr: 1 Week

You are already a week old!  It seems like time has flown and also stood still.  The past severn days have been marvelously rewarding.  Friends of our have a "You Are Special Today" plate to honor family birthdays.  When their daughter, Bella, was born 10 weeks ago, we celebrated with cupcakes.  Upon Behr's arrival home, their plate and cupcakes were ready to help us celebrate our bundle of joy.

Bella {10 weeks} and Behr {3 days}

Happy Birthday Behr!

Already you have...

held your first lacrosse stick
set a mini nighttime feeding schedule 12:30 and 3:30
picked a favorite song: "this little light of mine"
found your first two fingers to soothe yourself
{just like your daddy and I each did when we were babies}
used gchat to update daddy down in Brazil
seen your first snowstorm and ice storm
discovered a joy for riding in your car seat
and stolen our hearts! 


  1. Congratulations!! He is just wonderful, and I am so happy for you!! -The Happy Daily

  2. You need to update your pregnancy widget to be http://lilypie.com/Baby_and_Kids_Birthday.php !



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