At first sight.

Hello! I'm Candis.
This is me.

I write a little blog called "lady lee in process". I'm guest blogging today for Shannon as she is very busy falling more and more in love every day.

Shannon has become a Mommy. One day it was just her and Mark in their home going through their days, and now a new little guy has joined the nest, joined the world, joined the human race.

I've watched a few births on TV and documentaries. Intense pushing and laboring and giving all that they've got and then suddenly, relief! Out slides the baby! If you watch the Mom's eyes and face react when they see and hold that baby, it's this raw, beautiful, transformation. I've witnessed it with adoption as well. The entire process of adoption seems like laboring. Emotionally, spiritually, mentally. And then you see the Mama hold their baby for the first time. And there it is, that look. That other worldly connection that my limited vocabulary cannot find words for.

Shannon is now part of the club of woman who call themselves "Mommy". Who have gone through the adventure of pregnancy and labor and come through it to have that euphoric moment of exquisite love flow from their eyes into their new baby's and back again. 

I am currently pregnant and due in April with my first child (who is a boy!), so I have not experienced this yet but I am so curious about it. I am admittedly scared of the pain that I will experience. I am nervous I'm not strong enough or brave enough. But seeing that look on woman's faces when they clap eyes on the flesh of their flesh soothes me. It speaks to my heart and tells me that I have no idea how worth it every pain and discomfort is, but I will.

As you think of Shannon, Mark and their new little love pray for them! Lift them up to God in prayer. May they be protected, healthy, peaceful and full of joy continually in this precious time and forever.


  1. As a girl.. I've thought about this. Just what it will be like and if I'd be able to take all the pain. Of course I know in the end it will be worth it, but the idea of all the pain is intimidating!

  2. Oh're beautiful! It will be incredible, and I can't wait for it too (due in June)!



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