Due Date

Dear Baby,

Today is your due date.  This very day has been on our hearts and in our minds for months and months.  We have been holding onto this day like a precious gift.  But today, now that it is here, I realize that it is just another day.  Far more important is the day that God has chosen for us.  They day when you are finally ready to arrive.  I long for that day.  I know that it is out of our control, that neither you or I can independently chose to be wrapped in each others arms.  But I know that it is soon.

almost 14 weeks ago
I am not going through emotions I imagined.  I am not anxious or worried about the looming "when."  I am not tired or uncomfortable.  God has given me incredible peace and contentment throughout this pregnancy.  Your daddy and I have had the chance to bond with you, to learn your movements, to "catch" your feet as you kick and cherish all of the sweet times leading up to your arrival.  We know you better than we could have imagined.  We cannot comprehend the "knowing" that will follow in the days, and weeks and years to come.  

We are excited for all of your firsts, introducing you to the things we love.  We know that there are many first that every child experiences.  We are more excited about the firsts that are special moments in time.  We are excited to take you sailing, watch you play in the sand at the shore, bring you to your first lacrosse game.  These are the things we dreamed of enjoying with you for as long as we have known each other.  These are the moments we talked about before we even began our family.

I want you to arrive today.  I have wanted you to arrive every day for weeks.  But I am confident that your arrival will be perfect, no matter when it is.

your momma

Not much change in the past three weeks.


  1. Glad to hear you have an attitude of waiting for God's perfect timing. Very refreshing during these induction-happy days. Still I know it can be hard when you are so eager to meet your little one face to face! He'll be here so soon, I am so excited for you.

  2. Very sweet, Shannon. Made me tear up a little. Of course, I'm also watching The Biggest Loser, so that may be why, too! :-) I've been thinking bout you today. Looking forward to hearing about that perfect day!

  3. Wow - it is unreal how much Behr's ultrasound really looks like him! This is a great post.



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