Oh man...

...this guy is awesome!  Seriously.  He puts up with a lot and keeps a smile the entire time!  {difficult when living with me}  And TODAY is his birthday.  He is a rockstar.  Let me show you why:

Some of our best memories over the past 8 years! 

Thank you for...

your loyalty
your love for adventure
your desire to travel
exploring the world with me
your cheesy sentimental gestures
the ability to kick back and relax
{and sleep anywhere...I spared you the napping pictures!}
your athletic and competitive nature
fantastically orchestrated date nights, particularly for big occasions
dreaming the big dreams
for treasure hunting at the beach
your patriotism
for being able to make the best memories out of the simplest moments
and so much more!  

oh yeah...and for your willingness to pose for umpteen million pictures!
{just wait until the baby arrives}

Happy Birthday Mark!


  1. I just found the collage feature in www.picnik.com and I am not OBSESSED! How have I now known about this for the past TWO years?!?!

  2. happy birthday, mark!

    and hey, have y'all ever considered having mark run for the presidency one day? because i swear - you and he would make the cutest president and first lady. you already have the wardrobe, woman! ;)(and i mean that in the nicest way! you are so stylish, and i'm slightly jealous of your closet. this much you know) shnazzy! love you.



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