Baby Art

During our search for art for the nursery nook, we stumbled upon some beauties.  Here are the top contenders:

part of the original idea board

first seen here

found...but I don't remember where/when/how...

first seen here
love this nursery...looks strangely familiar!

We have decided on the art...purchased and framed it and are ready to hang!  What did we choose?  You will just have to wait and see in the next nursery update!  Which are your faves?


  1. i love them all, but i'm totally adoring the first & third. the first is by far my favorite. wow, it totally makes me want to learn how to do that. it's probably pretty simple - but i am so loving that look! gush. can't wait to see what you chose!!!
    ps - the last ones are hilarious and look super cute in that nursery all in a line. i kinda like them, too - because they grow up so quickly and will soon be a funny piece of art, as well as adorable.
    see? i like them all. did you get them all? ;)

  2. I also like the first and third. The first one being my favorite--mostly because I am currently obsessed with owls. :) They are all good choices though.



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