37 Weeks

WOW!  I have grown a lot in the last three weeks.  No wonder none of my clothes seem to fit.  It is crazy to me how the change in belly size just sneaks up, even when it is strikingly obvious.  

Mark and I are slowly getting ready.  I am sure there is tons left to do to prepare for baby, but we are content with where we are.  We are emotionally and logistically ready to bring our son home.  The clothes are washed, diapers and wipes are stockpiled, books have been read, the car seat is strapped in the car, the house is in order and we aren't going anywhere.  We are "ready."

However, that readiness comes with the comfort of knowing that we will never really be ready for anything that comes ahead of us in the next few weeks, months and years as parents.  It is reassuring to know that this is the position in which everyone enters parenthood and that life is full of learning lessons.

We can't wait to meet our son, hold him and bring him home...in the mean time, I guess I will keep growing!


  1. Are you sure you aren't just smuggling a basketball under that shirt? No, seriously though, you look great. I am sure you FEEL huge...I well remember those last few uncomfortable weeks! And often those last ones that you keep saying to yourself that the baby can come at any time now seem like the longest.

  2. Shannon! You look so beautiful! I can't believe I haven't been there for any of this journey. You are doing a great job. I'm excited to meet your little boy someday too.



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