Ottoman for Nursery

You remember my nursery inspiration board right? I want to add this to the mix. 
A Moroccan Leather Pouf in Lime Green from Serena and Lily. 

It is beautiful.

I might be in love.

The only problem is...the $395 price tag!  Any ideas for a similar item?


  1. For the record, I, in no way support you buying this expensive footstool...but...if you are going to do it anyway - for only $225:


    it'll only cost you about $10-$15to make your own. :)

  3. KK - so glad to reconnect with you! I am going to follow your blog(s) but which one?!?! I had no idea you were in the blogging world let alone had 3!

  4. p.s. Making my own pouf would require start sewing, a hobby I have been longing to pick up...but alas, a calligraphy business, paper obsession, and baby all in 650 sq. feet does not allow room for a sewing hobby as well!

  5. Seriously? Didn't we talk about this? Do I have to come back there and save you from a bean bag chair? Geez! ;-)

  6. i soooo want a pouf in the worst way but yes, the price tag has steered me away too.

    chulamama sells zid zid ones that are not as much... but you can find ones on etsy already done that aren't as much either (i've done my share of pouf-scouting!). one of the etsy ones is actually crocheted which is kind of cool too.

  7. ok. just came back to see the comments. :) i don't blog much. the travel one is only when i'm overeseas, and the other, well, is a little neglected.

    you find the fabric, email me the link to what you're thinking and i'll whip one of these up for you as a welcome to the world baby schrieber gift. how does that sound? and yes, you're right. it takes up a LOT of space- especially when your machine is grama's 1927 singer sewing machine (that weighs 19 lbs!)

  8. top right orange, next row middle blue, bottom row left green? :

    i'm working on cutting out a pouf for our place today. i'll get a photo when i finish it- it's not as cute as the one you found, but for less than $10, it'll definitely suffice in our living room!



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