Maternity Shoot 2

While in Boston, Mark and I took lots pictures at our favorite orchard.  Still contemplating "professional" maternity photos, but these are fun in the mean time.

These photos were taken at 27.5 weeks.  Now, two weeks later, so much has changed.
My belly is growing noticeably larger each day.
Baby boy kicks a bit differently.  His patterns of movement continue to change.
Hiccups are a frequent occurrence for the little guy, while I just have consistent heartburn.
He has taken up residence in the center of my belly, no longer favoring the right side.
And when I am driving, he kicks my ribs, begging for me to elongate my torso and provide more room.
He doesn't wake me up any more, but seems to follow my daily rhythm, becoming active when I am.
I am longing to hold him, but want him to grow healthy and strong inside of me.
I cannot fathom that in about 10 weeks I get to hold this little guy in my hands!



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